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Types of Industrial Tools

Industrial tools are carefully manufactured using only the very best materials in order to provide the best quality tools that are durable and able to withstand industrial applications. A number of industrial tools used for different tooling trades and some tools are used for specialised industries such as the automobile industry and carpentry industry. There are essentially two categories when it comes to industrial tools, namely industrial hand tools and industrial power tools.

Industrial Hand Tools

A vast amount of various industrial hand tools are used for an array of applications. Spanners or wrenches are typically used in a number of industries. As spanners come in an assortment of sizes, workmen generally require a number of them to fasten and loosen bolts and nuts and can therefore be purchased in a set containing different sized spanners.

No industrial tool set will be complete without a set of allen keys. These also come in various sizes and much like spanners, are used to fasten and loosen bolts which are hexagonal in shape. Pliers, hammers, nut sets, saws, measuring tools, chisels, filing tools and hand drills all form part of the essential industrial hand tools needed for various projects.

Industrial Power Tools

Drills are probably the most used tools in an industrial environment, and no tool box is complete without good quality drilling equipment and a set of drill bits for various applications. Welding tools such as blow torches and rods are used when welding in industrial conditions and naturally protective gear such as welding helmets and welding gloves form part of the prerequisites. Grinders are also used to shape and sharpen industrial hand tools, making them another essential industrial power tool. Hand held belt sanders and angle grinders along with an array of blades and abrasive discs are used for cutting, sanding, polishing and grinding.



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